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Brochure printing is an affordable, easy way to present high-quality information about your business to potential or existing customers. A brochure is a flat printed sheet, like a flyer, that has been folded to create a multiple-page document. The accepted abbreviation in the printing industry for a printed page is "PP", and the final amount of PP panels once the brochure is folded in the over page count. For example, an A4 Sheet printed two sides and folded to a tri-fold, z-fold brochure, will ultimately have 6 printed panels and so is a 6pp Z-fold brochure.

Have a look at the folding options below for a reference guide to all your brochure folding needs.

It's worth remembering though, that if it's a flat sheet, it's a printed flyer, and if it's composed or bound like a book, then it's a booklet. Booklets, flyers and pamphlets are often mistaken for brochures, but if you're ever not sure, just describe the brochure printing job you want to the best of your ability, and we'll figure out the rest from there. Another method to describe your brochure printing job is to reference the overall open size and then reference the finished folded size. For example, an A3 open size that is then cross folded with two intersecting folds through the centre will create 4pp on either side and will be an 8pp brochure in total.


  • Custom Fold. We can also print and fold any custom brochure shape, simply by knowing its proposed open size, its finished final size, and how many finished printed pages (PPs) the final brochure should have.


Brochure folding options  

  • 4pp Brochures are double-sided printed flyers that are then, most often folded with a single fold down the centre to create two evenly sided halves. That means an A4 sheet that is printed on both sides and then folded vertically to create two equally sized A5 sheets is called 4pp A5 brochure.
  • Roll-Fold Brochures are multiple-page folded brochures, most often at A4 fold to 6pp finished size DL, that rolls outwards to open. That's a Tri Fold. That means the folds are all in the same direction and are parallel to each other. The Roll Fold Brochure can come in a number of PP (Printed Page) counts, and sizes, though the A4 fold to DL 6pp Roll Fold Tri Fold is the most common, and is commonly used for business marketing and menu printing alike. The image below is a A4 to DL 6pp Roll Fold Brochure.
  • Z-Fold Brochures are very similar to the above roll-fold brochures, except that the folds are not all in the same direction, and the brochure doesn't roll up upon itself. Instead, each fold of the finished brochure is folded in the opposite directions, so as to finish in a Z shape fold. Again, these are most commonly printed in A4 open size and finished to 6pp DL Z-Fold.
  • Roll Fold VS Z Fold: Interestingly, the difference in the set-up between a Z-Fold and a Roll-Fold, is that because the roll-fold is ultimately folding upon itself, the panel on the inside of the cacoon is ultimately smaller than the panel of the outside. Whereas a Z-Fold Brochure will have three evenly sizes panels (PPs). See image on the left
  • Cross-Folded brochures are open sheets that are printed and then folded both vertically and then horizontally at the half page of both the x and y-axis. The most common examples of the cross-fold are when an A2 poster is folded with two opposing, intersection folds, and then bound into the centre of a magazine, (as a traditional centrefold); or when a printed A3 sheet is against the x-axis, and then in half again across the y-axis, to creates a 8pp brochure (cross fold) that is four times small than it's starting open size.
  • Concertina-Fold Brochures, which are merely an extension of the above Z-Fold brochure, are simply not limited to a finished product of 6pp that resembles a Z fold, and continues with more panels in the same direction with opposite fold directions. For example, if an open sheet size is 594mm wide, it could be divided into 6pp on either side, and 12pp in total, (with 5 folding lines) and will ultimately resemble the folding bellows of the musical instrument known as a Concertina.












brochure printing embellishment Options

  • Celloglazing is a thin, clear, plastic laminate that is ironed onto your brochures open sheet size, that not only improves the overall look of your brochures, but that also makes your printing stronger and more resistant against grubby hands. An example with a Celloglace would be an A3 restaurant menu that is scored vertically down the centre to be folded in half to a standing tabletop menu. Celloglazing can come in Matt, Gloss or Matt Velvet, and so there's always an option for a celloglaze is the brochure permits.
  • High gloss spot UV varnishes single out artistic areas or words by printing a clear high gloss ink after all other printing is done.
  • Metallic Foiling is most often the process of impressing Gold or Silver leaf onto your brochure through the use of a reversed impression metal stamp. While it's not inexpensive on short-run brochure printing, metallic foiling certainly does have it's place in high-end product brochure printing.
  • Scodix is not dissimilar to the above metallic foiling, except that where the foiling process uses traditional gold or silver foil, the scodix process uses a clear raised, gold, rose gold, silver or holographic metallic ink. That means scodix is a lifted, more tactile media and is still cost-effective on low quantity printing.
  • Scoring is a pre-fold technique that enables folding on heavy card while preventing the stock from cracking.
  • Die cutting refers to the cookie-cutter process of cutting out a shape or pattern into any given printed job, including brochures, through the use of a specialsed metal blade.
  • Perforations... Yes, we also offer the mini spinning pin-wheel of death to perforate any straight line on your printed brochures to make tearing a coupon or predetermined area line easier.
  • Samples If you would like to see an example of Celloglazing, High gloss spot UV varnishes, Gold, Silver, Holographic or Clear Scodix or would just like to talk about any other brochure embellishment option, then please do not hesitate to ask.

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