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At Viva la Brochure Printing, we're your go-to source for top-quality brochure and flyer printing services. With a focus on excellence and affordability, we serve businesses across Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane, delivering nationwide at no additional cost. Elevate your brand's marketing materials with our diverse range of brochure and flyer options, tailored to your unique needs.

Unmatched Quality, Nationwide Delivery: Experience superior printing quality without compromising on cost. From Sydney's bustling streets to Melbourne's vibrant scenes and Brisbane's dynamic markets, our nationwide delivery ensures your orders reach you promptly and affordably. Viva la Brochure Printing guarantees vibrant colors, sharp imagery, and professional finishes for every brochure and flyer.

Tailored Solutions for Your Business: Whether it's showcasing your services, promoting events, or highlighting products, our range of brochure and flyer options caters to every need. We offer standard A4 and DL sizes, custom designs, and innovative folds to make your brand stand out. Viva la Brochure Printing understands the uniqueness of your business and crafts bespoke materials that captivate your audience.

Customer-Centric Excellence: Experience a partnership that prioritizes your success. Viva la Brochure Printing goes beyond printing; we're here to bring your vision to life. Challenge us with your requirements and pricing expectations, and watch as we exceed them, providing quality and affordability that reshapes the standards of brochure and flyer printing.

Order Now and Redefine Your Brand's Visibility: Step into a world of exceptional printing services tailored to your business needs. Click to connect with Viva la Brochure Printing and take your brand's visibility to new heights with our premium brochures and flyers delivered nationwide at no extra cost.

What makes A4 to DL brochures a compelling choice for businesses is their versatile functionality as both marketing material and menus. This folding technique transforms standard A4-sized sheets into DL size, providing a compact yet impactful format perfect for marketing campaigns and menu presentations. Are you considering using A4 to DL brochures to elevate your brand's visibility or showcase your restaurant's offerings in a sleek, manageable format?

Certainly! A4 to DL brochures stand out as an excellent choice for businesses seeking versatile marketing material and menus. This unique folding technique seamlessly transforms standard A4-sized sheets into the more compact DL size, making it an ideal format for impactful marketing campaigns and stylish menu presentations.

To make the process even more accessible, we offer a downloadable A4 to DL Brochure Template that allows customers to effortlessly populate their content. This template ensures a user-friendly experience, guiding businesses through the customszation process with ease. Whether you're looking to enhance your brand's visibility or present your restaurant's offerings in a sleek, manageable format, our A4 to DL brochures coupled with our template make for a powerful combination.

and elevate your marketing materials or menus to new heights


Brochure folding options

Discover the versatility of Viva la Brochure Printing with our diverse range of brochure sizes, meticulously designed to cater to every business need. From the standard A4 and DL sizes, ideal for conveying detailed information, to custom sizes allowing for unique dimensions, we offer flexibility that empowers your brand's messaging. Explore innovative folding options that add a touch of creativity, making your brochures stand out in the hands of your audience. At Viva la Brochure Printing, we believe in providing options that resonate with your brand's identity, ensuring your marketing materials leave a lasting impression. Choose from our selection of brochure sizes and let your business speak volumes.

  • 4pp Brochures are double-sided printed flyers that are then, most often folded with a single fold down the centre to create two evenly sided halves. That means an A4 sheet that is printed on both sides and then folded vertically to create two equally sized A5 sheets is called 4pp A5 brochure.
  • Roll-Fold Brochures are multiple-page folded brochures, most often at A4 fold to 6pp finished size DL, that rolls outwards to open. That's a Tri Fold. That means the folds are all in the same direction and are parallel to each other. The Roll Fold Brochure can come in a number of PP (Printed Page) counts, and sizes, though the A4 fold to DL 6pp Roll Fold Tri Fold is the most common, and is commonly used for business marketing and menu printing alike. The image below is a A4 to DL 6pp Roll Fold Brochure.
  • Z-Fold Brochures are very similar to the above roll-fold brochures, except that the folds are not all in the same direction, and the brochure doesn't roll up upon itself. Instead, each fold of the finished brochure is folded in the opposite directions, so as to finish in a Z shape fold. Again, these are most commonly printed in A4 open size and finished to 6pp DL Z-Fold.
  • Roll Fold VS Z Fold: Interestingly, the difference in the set-up between a Z-Fold and a Roll-Fold, is that because the roll-fold is ultimately folding upon itself, the panel on the inside of the cacoon is ultimately smaller than the panel of the outside. Whereas a Z-Fold Brochure will have three evenly sizes panels (PPs). See image on the left
  • Cross-Folded brochures are open sheets that are printed and then folded both vertically and then horizontally at the half page of both the x and y-axis. The most common examples of the cross-fold are when an A2 poster is folded with two opposing, intersection folds, and then bound into the centre of a magazine, (as a traditional centrefold); or when a printed A3 sheet is against the x-axis, and then in half again across the y-axis, to creates a 8pp brochure (cross fold) that is four times small than it's starting open size.
  • Concertina-Fold Brochures, which are merely an extension of the above Z-Fold brochure, are simply not limited to a finished product of 6pp that resembles a Z fold, and continues with more panels in the same direction with opposite fold directions. For example, if an open sheet size is 594mm wide, it could be divided into 6pp on either side, and 12pp in total, (with 5 folding lines) and will ultimately resemble the folding bellows of the musical instrument known as a Concertina.

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  • Embark on a journey through the diverse spectrum of brochure sizes offered at Viva la Brochure Printing, meticulously tailored to meet the distinctive needs of your business. From the widely-utilized A4 and DL sizes, perfect for conveying intricate details, to customizable dimensions that bring a unique touch to your marketing materials, our range ensures adaptability to your brand's messaging. Delve into innovative folding options designed to inject creativity into your brochures, captivating your audience with every unfold. At Viva la Brochure Printing, we value your input in shaping our pricing strategy. Help us refine our offerings as we commit to considering price matching or even surpassing expectations. Choose from our diverse selection of brochure sizes and join us in empowering your business to speak volumes while shaping our competitive pricing structure together.


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Here at Viva La Brochure Printing, we print and dispatch short-run digitally printed brochures and medium-run offset brochure printing the same day and next day, every day. We print brochures in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne and dispatch our 150 gloss stock brochures everyday, Australia Wide.

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We hear it all the time. Many printers claim to have cheap brochure printing, and often over use the wording "cheap brochure printing" in their website for Google search. No other printer is specifically only a brochure printing company though, and simply offers the best trade brochure prices to all its customers. In addition to low-cost brochure printing prices, if you bring us your existing press-ready artwork, we can all but guarantee the best brochure printing prices.

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We not only keep your press-ready brochure printing file on hand for repeat orders, but as you continue to order the same brochures, menus and flyers with us here at Viva La Brochure Printing, you'll start to receive a better, lower than expected printing price, and we can even write that straight into your quote.


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  • We print and dispatch 150gsm gloss stock each and everyday.
  • That means when you're planning your brochure printing job, consider the 150gsm gloss and take advantage of our bulk price discount and everyday fast turnaround.
  • Get your Brochure Printing Order in before 12-noon, on 150gsm gloss, for your next day dispatch Australia-wide.

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  • We accept Visa, Master Card, AMEX and PayPal payments, all with *written consent, to save you on your brochure printing processing times.
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  • Unlike other printing services, our online chat box isn't a robot. It's manned by real humans who ask real questions. Catch one of our customer service people online now for your real-time brochure printing price.








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At Viva la Brochure Printing, transparency and convenience are at the forefront of our services. We are delighted to offer Australia Wide Delivery, and it's seamlessly integrated into all our prices. Whether you're in the bustling urban landscapes of Sydney, the vibrant cultural hub of Melbourne, or anywhere else across the nation, our inclusive pricing structure ensures that the cost of delivery is factored in. No hidden fees or surprises – just straightforward, all-encompassing pricing that brings the quality of our brochure printing services to your doorstep, wherever you are in Australia. Trust us for comprehensive and hassle-free service that spans the entire nation.

Next Day Dispatch. Promise a seamless process for your brochure printing needs. For all the advertised brochure prices on our high-quality 150gsm Gloss paper, placing any order and completing payment by 12 noon ensures that your brochures will be dispatched the next business day. This commitment reflects our dedication to prompt delivery, allowing you to receive your professionally printed brochures with speed and reliability. Trust Viva la Brochure Printing for a streamlined experience and timely delivery of your marketing materials Australia Wide.

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