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While cheap online menu printing is a great way to connect with new and existing customers, by bringing your brand's story, drink menu, food photos and service to life, most menu printing doesn't need to be changed but once a year, and that means "printing more menus for less" with our offset printing, can save you more in your marketing budget.

That means if you're looking for the best menu printing value in Brisbane, then we aim to have the best "cheapest" menu printing prices in town below.

We aim to publish a comprehensive online "menu printing" price menu below, that can be updated with the trends to ideally meet every customers onlime menu pricingt needs.

That also means with this one web-page, you can download your basic A3, A4, A5 and DL Tri-fold Menu Printing Templates, you can asses our online menu printing prices, send through your menu printing art file with your desired print quantity and price; and you can do it all while we walk you through the process over the phone;) How's that for the best quality customer service?

With the world marching toward online brochure and menu printing, we've introduced this quick and easy web-page, to answer all your menu printing price questions, and offer a phone service to take care of all your cheap and online menu printing needs.

Here at Viva la Brochure Printing, if you bring us your existing press-ready menu PRINTING file, with crop marks and bleed, we can check it in real-time and let you know if we can use the file.


Cheap Online Menu Printing Brisbane

We've taken one "menu printing step" backwards to take two "customer service" steps forward, and while we're not sure if offering true customer service phone support is a step forward in the online menu printing space, this is our revolutionary menu printing experiment.

If your Menu Printing Artwork is press-ready, you'll find that we offer the best menu printing prices in Australia.

And while we also print custom size menu printing, we print A3 menu printing, A4 menu printing, A5 menu printing and DL menu printing in "offset scale", on 150gsm gloss, each and everyday. That means, if you're looking for the best menu printing price in Brisbane, then you need look no furthur than our very own Viva la Brochure Printing menu printing service.


Standard Menu Printing Sizes

Online Menu Printing starts with the below "Open size", and then finished with the folded "finished size" below. The Open Size is defined as the size of the printed menu item when it's laid out flat; and then the finished size is the size of the printed menu when it's folded into it's final form. For example, a four page A4 menu starts with the A3 Landscape open size, and is then folded down to the final A4 size, by folding the printed A3 menu sheet in half.

A6 Menu Printing - 105mm x 148mm
A5 Menu Printing - 210mm x 148mm
A4 Menu Printing - 210mm x 297mm
A3 Menu Printing - 420mm x 297mm
A3 Tri Fold Menu Printing - 420mm x 297mm Open Size, Fold To 297mm x 140mm Finished Menu Size
A2 Menu Printing - 420mm x 594mm
8pp Menu Printing - 297mm x 840mm
6pp Tri Fold Menu Printing - 297mm x 630
8pp DL Menu Printing - 210mm x 396mm
DL Menu Printing - 210mm x 99mm
Double DL Menu Printing - 210mm x 198mm

The above online menu printing formats and sizes, are considered standard (and uniform) in the menu printing industry in Brisbane. Using the "Open Size" and "Finished Size" to define your online print menus will be universally understood and accepted by any online menu printing service in Australia.

Menu Printing Case Study: Jason needs 5000 menus printed for his Thai Resturant in Brisbane. His printed menus will be used only as letterbox drop menu material, and will only be a DL Flyer. If the printed menus are not folded, then the open size and fisnished size of the menu printing will both be the same "DL - 210mm x 99mm" size. Jason's Thai restaurant only has a small menu, and so the double-sided DL print menu is enough for all the standard menu items. Jaons looks for a cheap menu printing service online, and compares our prices against the Vista Prints online menu printing prices and 7Prints online menu printing prices. For 5000 150gsm Gloss Menus, Vista Prints online price is $319, while 7Print menu printing price is $404.80. Jason then checks our online menu printing price below and learns that our 5000 DL Menus on 150gsm Gloss are only $279.41! That means jason will save over 10% by ordering his menu printing via Viva la Brochure Printing.




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Download your Free Tri-Fold Online Menu Printing Templates Here

Included in this downloadable menu printing file package you will find Tri-Fold, Roll-Fold, online menu printing templates and a Tri-Fold, Z-Fold online menu template, that are all set up at the right size and right format, and very clearly show where the fold lines fall on the each given print menu. In addition to the tri fold menu file, you can also download A4, A5 and DL menu leaflet printing templates. Just download the menu printing files, select the brochure folding option you want, populate the menu file in a vector design program, such as Adobe Illustrator and send through your new menu printing file, with crop marks and blled, via email.

Cheap Menu Printing Online Brisbane


The Cheapest Online Menu Printing Prices In Brisbane

The below online menu printing prices denote 150gsm gloss menu printing stock, printed both sides, folded down to the indicated size and delivered to any one location in Australia. *All the prices below are Ex GST, and are subject to phone Visa or Master Card Payments, or PayPal email payments, for speed's sake.


150gsm Gloss 500 1000 2500 5000 10,000 20,000
A4 To DL $276.21 $298.44 $379.86 $480.11 $787.45 $1250.63
A4 to A5 $276.21 $298.44 $379.86 $480.11 $787.45 $1250.63
A3 to A4 $399.89 $442.62 $563.69 $778.21 $1279.43 $2059.40
150gsm Gloss 500 1000 2500 5000 10,000 20,000
DL Flyers $178.54 $189.98 $218.79 $279.41 $369.27 $458.11
A5 Flyers $198.89 $213.67 $252.44 $319.38 $467.19 $692.21
A4 Flyers $264.82 $289.43 $349.65 $442.98 $563.89


How to Order: Simply send us an email here with your...

1. press-ready menu file,

2. desired quantity and price,

3. the delivery address, and

4, your phone number so that we can call you for payment,

...and the good fold here at Viva la brochure Printing will call you same day to take your payment and discuss your printing printing file.










10,000 A4, full Colour, Tri Fold Menus. 150GSM Gloss, Roll Fold or Z Fold to DL, and Delivered To Any One Address Brisbane Wide

$787.45 Ex GST

They gave me and James a price over the phone, I email through my artwork, and that's all there was to it... They did it all over the phone in a matter of minutes"
Same day A3 fold to A4 Brochure Printing for our Art Gallery in Sydney. We needed the programs for an event on the weekend, and Viva la Brochure Printing delivered.

1800+ repeat Online brisbane Menu Printing Ordres every month

Our Brisbane Menu Printing clients print their menus with us for a reason. Here at Viva la Brochure Printing, we specialise in cheap and scaleable brochure and menu printing, and nothing else. That means while other online menu printers are changing printer set ups between products and formats, we don't need to make the same changes, and can pass those saving along to our customers.



  • We're Faster, Cheaper and offer a better Menu Printing service than any other Menu Printing Service in Brisbane.
  • We'll keep your menu printing art file so that you don't have to.
  • and then when you need more menus printed, you can call or email us, and we'll already have your menu printing artfile ready to go.

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  • plus... If you print the same menu repeatedly, we'll pass even more of the savings back onto you
  • ... and so we take the stress and work out of online menu printing, and that's why our menu printing customers prefer to use Viva la Brochure Printing